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If you have learnt to kite, but would like to progress your skills with someone experienced, in a great location with full insurance then get in touch! We are experienced kiters, teaching experience and fully insured! Whether it's just for the day, or would like to make a full weekend of it with accomodation included, fill in the form below!



kite surfing progression

Kiting for over 10 years in different countries, all conditions, tuition experience and keen to help others progress in the best sport ever!


COMING SOON! Accommodation, only 10 minutes from great kite beaches. Register HERE to find out when we are up and running. Sleep, kite, repeat! 

Winchelsea beach kite surf


Get in touch and let us know if you would like to make a weekend of it, or just come and kite for the day. Either way, we can help!

Thanks for submitting!

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